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Cousins is added adequate to Madden Coins - limmzhou - 01-02-2018

The Kirk Cousins adventure has just begun.Despite accepting the authorization tag slapped on him for the added beeline year, Cousins' fate is still up in the air. Abounding admission the Madden Mobile Coins quarterback will not be acid a Redskins jersey next season.According to NFL, "it's added adequate than not that Cousins ends up accepting the 49ers quarterback."Currently, Cousins is set to achieve about $24 actor if he stays in Washington

under the authorization tag. He would admission until July 15 to try and plan out a abiding deal.Though Cousins is not accustomed to accommodate with added teams while beneath the absolute tag, Washington can barter him. It is adequate any aggregation would ambition Cousins to accede on a abiding accord afore accordant to a trade. Read This NFL barter rumors: 49ers may be absorbed in accepting Trevor Siemian Alec Brzezinski

It was aswell accounted Tuesday that the 49ers are absorbed in Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian, who is accustomed to be accessible should Denver ambition Tony Romo.With no quarterbacks currently on the roster, the 49ers could accompany in both Cousins and Siemian. Adapted now, it appears Cousins is added adequate to Madden Coins move, and it should be acclaimed he formed with new 49ers drillmaster Kyle Shanahan for two

seasons if both were in D.C. NFL chargeless agency: Brandon Marshall to accompany a loaded Giants WR band | NFL | Sporting News Brandon Marshall will acquire in New York as he agreed to a accord with the Giants.Done Deal!!!! GMEN 9sFpQBXjFx— Brandon Marshall (@BMarshall) March 8, 2017According to Newsday Sports, the arrangement will be worth $12 actor over two years.