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Wardrobe enterprises do not let "business" change "crisis" - quangongzi - 06-19-2017

According to statistics, the Canadian forest industry research spending of about c $70 million a year, of which 50 million c provided by the enterprise wood plastic composite product manufacture canada gazebo , research project by the research institutes, universities, government and enterprise cooperation. The government's funding of research and development investment compared with other countries, obviously, in this regard investment accounts for only 0.6% of industrial finance adirondack built out of composite , and the United States is 1.5%, Scandinavian countries is 2%. From 1982 to 1999 about forestry research spending increased from c $228.3 million to $290.3 million. Meantime, funding from companies rose 32.4%, the provincial government funding has increased by 175.1%, while the federal government's funding dropped by 30.4% how cost redwood fence foot , dropped from 87 million to 87 million c. Some experts believe that the Canadian forest industry growth mainly depends on technical progress and breakthrough.