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Using "JHERS"- Jollyhers 5% off code for Boy T-Shirts buying now - Bnspeppar - 06-19-2017

And what can she tell us about the second kids clothing free shipping branch of the successful charity? "We can only build around 15 to 20 playgrounds and parks per year. We started to raise funds beyond what we needed so that gave us an opportunity to start a second programme, in which we work with children with special needs." A cause close to her own heart. "My younger sister was born with mental disabilities, so it was something I grew up with. My charity organises family support centres and activities to raise awareness of children with special needs."
A collaboration with Caramel certainly suits Natalia's relationship with fashion, having modelled since she was 15. "I’m a big fan of what Eva does with Caramel, her attention to style and detail" she says "So I can trust her to create something really beautiful and something that I will be very proud of."
And the final design is a big hit already, with pieces flying off the rails at the party. "When Eva proposed for me to design a dress, I immediately thought of a dress that I wore as a little girl. My favourite dress amde from red crochet. I remember feeling like a little princess in this dress, it was so beautiful. I told Eva about it and she said, this is exactly what we need. So we modernised it slightly but keeping the vintage, seventies element."
It takes five days for one of Natalia's crochet dresses to be carefully handmade. She has cleverly enlisted her beautiful daughter to model the dress in the campaign. "My daughter Neva is six, I also have an older boy, Lucas Alexander who is ten and a little boy Viktor who is four. My children didn’t help with the dress design but they are helpful in other ways. They are great children which makes my life so much easier!"
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